Party Package

Hors D’oeuvres


Wings (available gluten free)

Boneless southern style dredge tossed in our signature Claddagh sauce, kettle fried

and served with buttermilk ranch and bleu cheese dressing

($30.00 per dozen)


Irishman’s Quesadilla ( Vegetarian without Irish bacon)

Bacon, spinach, queso fresco, in a flour tortilla served with sour cream,

salsa verde and house made guacamole

($30.00 per dozen)


Black Angus Sliders

American cheese, American bacon, spicy ketchup served on toasted brioche

(served medium unless otherwise requested)

($40.00 per dozen)


Spinach Bake Crostinis

Sautéed spinach, creamy boursin, garlic and herbs served on a toasted crostini

($30.00 per dozen)


Mini Corned Beef Sandwiches

Manny’s deli corned beef, swiss cheese, Jameson mustard served on Jewish rye bread

($45.00 per dozen)


Irish Sausage Rolls

Irish bangers wrapped in puff pastry served with Jameson mustard

($40.00 per dozen)


Bruschetta (vegetarian)

Fresh tomatoes, garlic and fresh basil,

served on a toasted crostini

($20.00 per dozen)


Warm Pretzel & Cheese Platter

Warm pretzel, harp aged cheddar cheese sauce, bacon jam, caraway mustard

($40.00 per platter)


Mini Mac & Gouda

Cavatappi pasta with a smokey cheese sauce,

potato chips and breadcrumb

($30.00 per dozen)


Mini Turkey Club Sandwiches

Sixteen hour sous vide turkey breast, lettuce, tomato, bacon,

avocado, pickled egg, cranberry aoili, sourdough

($40.00 per dozen)


Goat Cheese Toast Points

grilled french toasts, sweet tomato sauce, micro greens

($30.00 per dozen)


Mini Cheesecakes

Assorted flavors, gourmet mini cheesecakes (chocolate curl, cherry, pineapple,

peanut butter, lemon coconut and blueberry).

($40 per platter)


Mini Eclairs

Belgian chocolate, creme anglais filled pastries

($30 per platter)


– Available Gluten Free

– Vegetarian


* Two (2) Dozen Minimum Order Required Per Appetizer Item *

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